The wiki is a very nice tool so everyone can add their own space. The challenge is that to ensure that the entry remain up to date in order for the list to remain accurate and relevant. To solve this some people from started the Hackerspace Census to check all entry's and set them to 'closed' when hackerspace doesn't exist any more.

I created a script that tries to automate this. For every entry it wil:

Below you will find a list of all of the hackerspace entities that have to be manually checked. If you want to help - pick an entry and figure out whether the hackerspace is still open or not (social media, website, etc). If it still active, add (hidden) text to the wiki like: '<!-- set to $status for $reason, Checked by person $yourname on $date -->' or set the status to 'closed' or 'suspected inactive'. To do this you'll need to create a wiki log in and then you can edit any pages.

Right now there are 0 hackerspaces to be check manualy.

All done, excelent!